Matthew Linden King
Of the Saints Enthroned on HighNow Their Praises Fill the SkyRound Each Habitation Hovering, See the Cloud and Fire AppearSee! the Streams of Living WaterCostly, Free, and Knows No EndThis Stony Heart Can Ne'er RelentThere We Shall Have Unclouded SkiesThough I am Weak and VileThou Callest Burdened Souls to TheeTempest-Tossed Long I Have BeenTell Me, Is it Thus With You?It Soothes His Sorrows, Heals His WoundsI Who Heaven and Earth Have FramedHis Goodness Will Find a WayAnd Set the Prisoner FreeShall Live to Die No MoreHow Sweet the SoundAnd Grace Will Lead Me HomeUntitled No. 1Untitled No. 2Untitled No. 3Untitled No. 4Untitled No. 5Untitled No. 6Untitled No. 7