Matthew Linden King
My most recent body of work explores the translation of written language into a visual parlance. Using centuries-old hymn texts as a point of departure, I create abstract paintings that directly reference ideas and theologies embedded within the texts. I rely on the subject matter, structure, and cadence of these hymns to guide the process of the paintings, all the while exploring contemporary materials to communicate the relevance of the hymn texts to today. I am interested in how the past informs the present and how ideas and belief systems are passed on to subsequent generations like spiritual batons. The paintings function as a means of discovering how I find myself situated in a historic system of beliefs and how the past, both immediate and ancient, have formed my current worldview. Each new mark I make on a surface is rooted in the belief that I am a summation of incalculable influences up to the time that mark is laid and that I am directly part of the creation of a new history.